We're a group of moms with preschool aged children who've decided not to do this mom thing alone.


MOMtourage meets monthly at Cuyahoga Valley Church (CVC) from September to May on the second Thursday of the month from 9:30am-11:15am. During this time we have breakfast, socialize and listen to a speaker share wisdom from her journey through motherhood. This time together is meant to refresh  and encourage. It helps to remind us that we're not alone. It helps us to rally together in community. It helps us to live life together through the joys, trials, successes and failures of early motherhood.


Each woman is assigned to a table, and that table will be together all year.

Tables each have a:

  • Mentor Mom: a mom who is beyond the preschool years who is there to share her wisdom, experience and encouragement from the other side of parenting

  • Social Coordinator: she is a mom who will help organize table events (play dates, mom's night out, family events, etc.)

 If you're in need of some support, prayer, advice, perspective and laughs then we're your people!

We hope you'll consider joining us on this roller-coaster through the early years of parenting.

What a great way to start off this MOMto

There is a membership fee of $50 for the year.

(About $5 per month).
*Limited number of Scholarships available


This fee goes to providing breakfast supplies and craft supplies. It subsidizes our paid large group play dates. It provides food for our Fellowship & Farewell meeting in May. It gives each mom who joins a welcome gift. It provides food for the childcare volunteers. 


More information about fees available upon request.